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GLEAMINO Natural Brightening CREAM COMBO OF 2 (80 g)

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1. Aloevera help to Soothe sunburn, Add moisture, Fight acne,Slow signs of aging, Prevent dark spots 2. Almond Oil help to deep Cleanses Skin & Prevents Acne, Effective in dark circles,Facilitating skin lightening and tan removal, Effective in Skin Rashes, Reduces Signs of Ageing 3.Mulethi help to maintain a healthy glowing skin, eczema and skin rashes, Lighten darker patches on the skin, Protects the skin from UV 4. Red sandalwood help to Removing Tan, help to any kind of burning sensation caused due to acne or sun burn, Prevents Acne Anti-aging Properties, Whitens the Skin, Moisturizes the Skin, To get rid of dark circles, prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Weight0.190 kg
Dimensions19 × 12 × 9 cm


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